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Q: ahhhh I didn't know you worked at bahrs! maybe I'll see you later haha

Yes I do! :) And you don’t have to go on anonymous! But it was a busy day, but I’ll be there tomorrow as well don’t be afraid to say hi I’m in the mid store section, tall with dark blonde hair! :) 

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Ya so I got BOT wraps, a wool show cooler, a leather grooming halter, lead rope, and spur straps today at work from our sale that starts tomorrow all for JUST UNDER $100 LIKE UM WHAT 

One of the best parts of working at a tack store- first dips on sale stuff the night before. 


Knock rails down, screw up, sometimes fall off or get eliminated.

Wishing, hoping, and dreaming are about as effective as sitting on the couch, snarfing Bud, eating Cheetos, and watching Badminton videos.

You have to suck it up and get out there on your horse, and do it again, and again—-You get the point. Screw fear. Fear is normal. Deal with it or shrink back into your hole.

Denny Emerson (via diaryofaworkingstudent)

Whenever ignorant people drone on about how “all” show horses live unnatural lives and should be standing in a field getting grossly fat eating grass all day and that people “force” horses over jumps I literally just stare at my computer and laugh because over half those horses live nicer lives and are looked after more than the people looking after them. And if someone thinks show jumping horses are forced to jump.. get on my horse and walk her into the ring and I dare you to tell me she doesn’t light up with sheer joy when she realizes she’s going to be jumping. Some people are so ignorant it’s almost sad. If you were naturally athletic with bounds of energy if sure you’d go insane sitting around all day with no physical stimulation- the same goes for sport horses. 

→ Live Feed from Aachen!

(I know how I’m spending my Wednesday morning)